WorldVentures and You

The WorldVentures and You campaign was designed to set the appropriate expectations for all new representatives that join our business. Here you will find information that helps our representatives get off to a good start.

WorldVentures and You

Welcome to WorldVentures! We’re thrilled you’re joining our team. We know that in today’s economy most people don’t make financial decisions lightly. So, we want to thank you for putting your trust in us. As a WorldVentures Independent Representative, you’re now an ambassador for the company. And to help equip you for success, we want to start off by helping set your expectations.

Since 2005, we’ve experienced explosive growth and our Core Values are right at the center of our success, especially our third Core Value to “Honor, Embody and Expand Trust.” As a vital part of our team, we want to be completely up-front and honest about what to expect as a WorldVentures Representative (or “Rep,” for short). We have a wonderful business model that can be incredibly rewarding, but many people who join direct sales companies don’t achieve success. That happens for a variety of reasons, but the unfortunate result is that it can leave some people with a negative impression of the direct sales industry. That’s why, at WorldVentures, we don’t overhype the income potential of the business or underplay the amount of skill and effort necessary to achieve it. It’s possible for anyone to succeed in this business, no matter their background. We’ve seen people from all walks of life win with WorldVentures, and so, of course, we believe you can too!


Some people have natural talents and abilities that lend themselves to success. However, most skills are learned. Repetition, practice and simple dedication can overcome a lack of natural ability any day of the week. Now, to be fair, some of the people who have achieved the fastest success in WorldVentures came to our company with strong communication and leadership skills, prior success in business or sales, and a solid work ethic, which are only a few factors for success. If you don’t possess these qualities to the degree you’d like, we’ll help you develop them. We like to think of personal development opportunities as fundamental within our direct selling and travel company. And what you learn with us can propel you forward with our company, in your current career or any future endeavor.

Our training programs teach lasting success principles for selling our products and building a successful sales force. And while direct selling is known for personal development, our training programs are raising the bar. The training programs are readily available, affordable and have become a hallmark of our culture.


OK, so now that you know some of the basics, the next step is to decide what kind of success you want to have. So, where do you see yourself? Do you want to add more fun and freedom to your lifestyle? Or perhaps you want to earn extra income—a little or a lot, the choice is yours. Whether you jumped into WorldVentures for total financial freedom or to enjoy vacations, you set the goal that’s right for you based on your level of commitment.

To experience a high level of success, hard work and a personal investment in your dream are necessary. We’re sure you’re aware that there will be costs to running your business. Training events, marketing tools, travel to and from weekly presentations and more, should all be taken into consideration. Though attending these events and purchasing marketing materials aren’t required, those who are focused on building their businesses often incur more costs than those who aren’t as serious about the opportunity.

And, we want you to keep in mind that most people who get involved in direct selling do not earn significant income. We’ll highlight a few reasons why.

The first is discouragement. In this business, rejection will come. But the key to succeed is to keep your head up. Lack of effort and improper training are also reasons people don’t experience much success. Practically no one succeeds at anything without training. This business is fairly simple, but it doesn’t come naturally for most. Those who succeed are teachable and willing to try new things. People tend to take lightly the amount of effort required for success and give up when they don’t see the results they want immediately. The overarching reason that people quit direct sales, despite a very low barrier to entry, is that they do not or cannot give their business the chance to grow and succeed.

Be assured that success in our business does not always equate to making more money. There are many opportunities to reap benefits and rewards that go far beyond income. Building lasting relationships, personal development, quality experiences and opportunities to give back are all ways you can experience success with WorldVentures.


We want to help you make the best decision and see you succeed. If you have any questions, please contact your sponsor, or a leader on their team. Talk through whatever questions you might have, and if you still need help, please contact us using the customer service email address below. We care about you and your success—and we’d love to hear from you!





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