WorldVentures Trust Council

WorldVentures formed its Trust Council as part of its global commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. The aim of the Council is to help the company adhere to one of its long-held Core Valuesto honor, embody and expand trustand to help WorldVentures achieve its ultimate aspiration of becoming the most-trusted name in the direct-selling industry.

The Trust Council is comprised of a variety of voices, from top members of the corporate leadership team, to Representatives from the field, to outside observers. This first-in-the-industry body is empowered to listen and learn, act and resolve wherever issues arise that may run counter to the company’s Core Value on Trust. This website is part of that promise, and will regularly communicate our successes and our shortfalls in meeting the high standard we’ve set. This is a place where you can get to know what we stand for, and find answers to questions you may have about our company, our memberships and our opportunity to earn income.

Why the passion for trust?

At WorldVentures, we believe first that the travel business must be a high-trust endeavor: There is nothing more sacred to us than delivering local and global experiences that not only meet, but also exceed, member expectations. Secondly, as a direct seller, we know that every day our more than 110,000 Independent Representatives around the world put their personal reputations on the line when representing our company and products. They deserve to work with an organization of the highest integrity, and that’s our pledge to them.

Our Mission

Our Members