WorldVentures Core Values

1. Live Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment.

Look for ways to integrate more fun, freedom and fulfillment into everything we do. Happiness and fulfillment precede success; they are not the by-products of success. Strive to be fun, creative, adventurous and courageous. We believe you should work and live with passion, which can only benefit your productivity. We are each an extension of our brand. Our mission is to bring fun, freedom and fulfillment to the world. The degree to which we embrace and integrate this principle into our lives is directly related to our ability to deliver our mission to the world.

2. We Are One Big Team.

Foster synergistic partnership and co-creation. WorldVentures is made up of corporate staff and Representatives in the field. Exercise an inclusive, abundant approach with every team member and partner, valuing individuality. Seek input from everyone involved in realizing WorldVentures’ mission. Foster an environment of safety to support contribution and authenticity, creating space for every voice to be heard, independent of title. Welcome all cultures, religions, ages, races, shapes and sizes in alignment with our Core Values.

3. Honor, Embody and Expand Trust.

Be authentic and transparent. Be congruent in thought, words and deeds. Be accountable and responsible. Everyone is responsible and no one is to blame. Keep promises and honor commitments. Strive to build a reputation of exceeding expectations. Only represent the truth.

4. Deliver and Promote Excellence.

Have a steadfast focus on providing the highest value and the highest-quality experience.

5. Commit to Resolution.

There is always a resolution. Problems are only challenges looking for answers. Be creative in sourcing solutions and seek support when needed.

6. Care and Contribute.

Be humane and compassionate. Promote peace, harmony and love. Give back, serve, add value and make a difference.

7. Champion Full Potential.

Commit to continuous growth and learning. Solicit feedback from others and look for constructive lessons in personal experiences. Always be evolving. Empower others and help them see their greatness. Seek out opportunities to build up others through sincere appreciation and acknowledgement of their actions and gifts. Appreciate and learn from others’ unique differences. We are creating a culture free of politics or sabotage of others’ goals (i.e., jealousy or resentment of upline, downline or sideline). Edify everyone involved in WorldVentures, regardless of their goals or success in business.

8. Embrace Creativity and Innovation.

Imagine new possibilities. Expect and embrace beneficial change.

9. Foster Safe and Open Communication.

Communicate for new possibilities, understanding, resolution and positive action. Promote open communication, have crucial conversations at “Point Easy” (i.e., “I’d like to have an open communication with you.”). Practice authenticity and transparency. Speak the truth early, sensitively and often with each other (support, constructive feedback and appreciations, etc.).

10. Ensure Sustainability in Everything We Do.

Make decisions with sustainability in mind: sustainable business practices, relationships, energy, health, etc. Model high-level health, functionality and well-being. Look for ways to do more with less.