WorldVentures Common Questions

Questions about WorldVentures

Who is WorldVentures?

WorldVentures Marketing is a social commerce, peer-to-peer marketing pioneer and the direct-selling industry’s largest seller of vacation club memberships. With a network of more than 110,000 Independent Representatives spanning 24 countries, the company’s DreamTrips™ vacation club offers members access to some of the most unique global and local travel and entertainment experiences available anywhere at almost any price.

The company is currently No. 75 on the Direct Selling News  Global 100 list and is ranked No. 7 on the most recent list of Greatest Growth Percentage Companies of the top direct-selling brands worldwide.

Is WorldVentures a travel agency?

WorldVentures is not a travel agency. WorldVentures Independent Representatives sell memberships to the DreamTrips vacation club. One of the benefits of membership includes access to a calendar of curated “DreamTrips” vacations.

What other countries will WorldVentures be open for business in?

We’re excited about WorldVentures’ international growth, but we want to make sure we’re doing it right so we can protect our brand, our products, our Independent Representatives and our company. WorldVentures has a set of strict criteria and a firm strategy in place for launching the business in any new country, one of which is an extensive legal process with in-country attorneys to ensure we’re in line with the prospective country’s direct-selling rules and regulations. Independent Representatives are not permitted to be active in countries in which WorldVentures is not open.

For a complete list of countries where WorldVentures is open for business, please go to and click on “Select Your Country” at the bottom of the page.

Questions about DreamTrips Memberships

What is a DreamTrips Membership?

WorldVentures offers various levels of DreamTrips Memberships, each tailored to member usage and budgets. At all levels, members enjoy access to unique travel experiences and take advantage of trips at exclusive membership pricing.


Designed for members who want a great vacation on a limited budget, this membership level provides access to hundreds of value-packed trips—including all the extras—saving you time and money. (This membership is currently only available in certain countries.)

DreamTrips Gold

This membership level provides various lifestyle benefits. Vacations spanning the globe, one-of-a-kind experiences and everyday entertainment opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg.

DreamTrips Platinum

Our premium membership level redefines luxury, offering members access to their own personal travel concierge. DreamTrips Platinum members pamper themselves in sublime luxury and soak in the best that life has to offer by sampling the crème de la crème of resorts, restaurants and locales.

Who can go on a DreamTrip?

DreamTrips Members are allowed to take a spouse/significant other or one guest on their DreamTrip. Members’ children may also attend.

Does a DreamTrip have a guarantee?

We stand behind our DreamTrips, and we ensure our members receive not only a world-class vacation but also a world-class value through our DreamPrice Promise. If a member finds a vacation for a lower price that’s identical to one of our DreamTrips, they let us know within seven days of booking, and WorldVentures picks up the tab. Because as dedicated as we are to ensuring a member’s experience is luxurious, we’re equally as dedicated to ensuring our DreamTrips’ prices aren’t. Please see for full details on our DreamPrice Promise.


Questions about Direct Selling

What is direct selling?

The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) defines direct selling as “a dynamic, vibrant, rapidly expanding channel of distribution for the marketing of products and services directly to consumers.” Basically, direct sales cuts out the middleman in the sales process.

Direct selling also offers people the opportunity to:
•    control their own schedule based on personal or family needs
•    work full or part time, from anywhere
•    own a business with little (or no) capital investment
•    earn income based on personal effort
•    socialize with others
•    be recognized for accomplishments

According to the WFDSA, more than 91 million independent sales representatives are part of the global direct-selling industry, accounting for more than US$154 billion in annual retail sales.


Questions about Becoming an Independent Representative

How much money will I earn as an Independent Representative?

WorldVentures offers the opportunity for people to plug in to a program where they receive training on leveraging their time and efforts to generate an income stream. But, like any business, there are no guarantees—you get out of it what you put into it.

It would be irresponsible to claim that someone could be successful with WorldVentures simply by enrolling as an Independent Representative. No one can make such a claim about any business opportunity, and WorldVentures makes no such claim.

At the core of the company’s foundation is the commitment to provide an honest and fair opportunity. WorldVentures acknowledges the program is not right for everyone, so anyone who is considering the opportunity should have the data needed to get an accurate picture of what our program offers.

Can I earn income without being a customer? If I am a customer, do I also have to be a sales representative?

Although many of our Independent Representatives are also our customers, it is not mandatory. It is possible to be a Representative, a customer or both. The vast majority of direct-selling companies that offer products, and particularly services such as energy and telecoms, have extremely high levels of personal use by sales representatives. Experiencing the personal use of the product or services helps them promote to others.

Can I get paid for recruiting others?

WorldVentures does not pay for the act of recruitment of Independent Representatives, only for the sale of a membership to a customer. View our compensation plan for the U.S. here.

How can I succeed as an Independent Representative with WorldVentures?

One of the best things about WorldVentures, and direct selling in general, is that with the right attitude, commitment, a lot of determination and a willingness to learn, almost anyone can succeed.

WorldVentures Representatives have access to a world-class training program that teaches them the proven strategies and confidence-builders that could help them reach their goals, whether that’s financial freedom or being able to afford the extras in life. We realize not everyone’s a salesperson; in fact, we don’t want an army of salespeople. The people who do best in our business are those who are passionate about the product and brand and are willing to learn. It’s why our success stories run the gamut from construction workers and teachers to nurses and even students!

Questions about Terminology

What are “uplines” and “downlines”?

In direct sales, your “upline” is the person who sponsored you and the person who sponsored them, and so on. Your “downline” is the team you recruit, as well as the team they recruit. When they succeed, you succeed, and when they make a sale, you benefit.

What is “Get Four, Pay No More”?

At WorldVentures, this refers to getting four customer sales, not four Representatives in the business opportunity. The monthly fees referred to in the “Get Four, Pay No More” promotion are the referring Representative’s Representative Business System (RBS) fee and customer fees if, and only if, they also happen to be a customer. The “Get Four, Pay No More” promotion is not available in Canada.